About Sons of Revelry

The Sons of Revelry have a very unique story of birth.

Toby Black the leader singer, originally from Ayr Scotland now living in N. America.

In the past few years has built a very successful million dollar Internet Marketing company with his wife Layla Black.

Sons of Revelry formation is built up of:

Corey Brouwer has been playing in bands and developing his sound for over 15 years. His intense work effort for developing as an artist and musicians bring an entire new dimension to the Sons of Revelry.

Arron James a local 10+ year gigging musician who's first love is actually guitar. And now has fallen in love with playing Bass. Any music fan who hears Arron's bass lines. Are immediately sucked in and hypnotized by the grooves.

Sean Boyle. A very highly talented and driven drummer and musician. Who has had the chance to play at many prominent music festivals in Ontario and has won different music awards in the past.

Because of this unique entry for the band. It has allowed the Sons of Revelry to make waves and open doors.

Just in their first few live performances in their home town. The band has created a "cult like" following of enthusiastic and eager for more fan base.

With the bands knowledge of business and marketing S.O.R. (Sons of Revelry) take a very professional and refreshing approach, to both their music and the experience it creates for its listeners.

This approach manifests the bond between you and the band to be even more unique, powerful and true.

You will truly feel this when you attend a live show or listen to the haunting lyrics and melodies on the recordings.