About Sons of Revelry

Sons of Revelry is that rare musical act that is supremely focused and dedicated to its vision and which has the chops to see that vision through to a very successful conclusion.

After spending a year solidifying their reputation as true blue local heroes, the Brantford, Ontario rock and roll quartet’s hard work, discipline and sacrificial commitment to fulfill their objectives has paid off – big time.

First the band earned a place as a finalist in last fall’s Sirius XM Rock the Grey Cup competition, representing the Canadian Football League’s Hamilton Tiger Cats and playing before thousands of fans at one of their games.

Around the same time, Sons of Revelry also found out they had won the chance to perform at the prestigious Rockstar Energy UPROAR Festival at Toronto’s Molson Amphitheatre as part of the Ernie Ball Battle of the Bands.

It was a huge opportunity for the Sons of Revelry, which was less than 6 months old at the time. They represented Toronto among 23 other markets on the 2013 UPROAR Festival. They got up on that stage and they absolutely KILLED IT. The band’s music and performance were adjudicated by a veritable who’s who of the music industry, including the likes Jerry Cantrell of Alice in Chains, former Velvet Revolver/Guns ‘N Roses bassist Duff McKagan, legendary producer/mixer Jay Baumgardner, and music industry insider Jesse Cannon.

Once the tour was over and all the bands had been judged, Sons of Revelry was advised they had won the whole kit and kaboodle….they were the grand prize winner of the Ernie Ball Battle of the Bands.

“To have some of the biggest names in the music industry say you are the best band brings everything to a different level for us. That’s almost more important than all the amazing prizes, because of what it has done to us as individuals and as a band. You always believe in yourself. You are confident that you play well and sing well and you rock out. But as human beings we always have that doubtful voice in the back of our minds wondering if you can really do it,” says frontman and founder, Toby Black, a native of Ayr, Scotland.

The biggest perk to winning the contest is that Sons of Revelry will be performing on the entire 2014 RockStar Energy UPROAR Festival, which will be 30+ dates across North America starting in August. They will also be travelling to Los Angeles to record a six-song EP with Jay Baumgardner (Sevendust, Papa Roach, Three Days Grace and Godsmack) at the internationally renowned NRG Recording Studios.

Add in $10,000 in gear, a professional photo shoot, features in Revolver and Loudwire.com, and a distribution deal for the album, among other prizes, they pretty much hit the rock and roll lottery. Persistence and setting lofty goals does indeed pay off.

“I do this for every aspect of my life, and so do the guys in this band. We envision ourselves excelling at everything we do. There’s never any space for relaxing or slacking off. And we are laser focused on our objectives and put every ounce of work in that’s necessary. All four of us are in alignment. We have a united vision in that we believe it doesn’t matter where the band goes, we will always be working hard together and moving forward,” said Black. The brainchild of Black, a successful internet marketing entrepreneur still only in his late 20s, Sons of Revelry brings together well-respected Brantford musician Arron Rayner on bass, the skillful skin-beating talents of drummer Sean Boyle, and newest “son”, Corey Brouwer, a veteran member of the region’s music scene. Brouwer’s addition has meant a ratcheting up of the band’s musical proficiency and songwriting excellence. “He’s a music teacher and has an incredibly breadth of knowledge about music composition and theory. Being in the studio with him and being in the rehearsal space and writing a song with him is amazing. From a technical point of view and a virtuosic point of view, he has elevated all our playing.”

Musically, Sons of Revelry have become a phenomenally tight live act and a songwriting tour de force through their openness to one another’s ideas. Very much like the way The Doors created much of their best work in their personal jam space, Black, Brouwer, James and Boyle have come up with true gems from their own jams.

“I write songs every day. I just wake up in the morning and it just starts to flow. What’s so cool is that I can take an idea, or Arron will bring in an idea or Sean has an idea or Corey will bring in a riff and we will just go to the jam spot and it’s like magic, within one session we will have a complete song. I love that this band is not about just one guy who does all the songwriting. I write all the lyrics but as a band we develop a collective melody and structure. Every component is put together in our jam spot,” said Black. “The music Sons of Revelry makes is not based on formulas or trends. It’s just rock and roll. That can encompass a lot of things like punk, pop, southern rock, hard rock or just old school rock and roll.” Black said he and his bandmates are looking forward to traversing the continent on the Rockstar Energy UPRPOAR Festival and sharing their music with the wider music loving public when the EP is released. Beyond that, Sons of Revelry will continue to bring their incomparable passion, vision and dedication to their art – the art of rock and roll.

“We do have a certain confidence and swagger when it comes to our music and you have to. But if all of it ended tomorrow we would be so happy with everything that has happened. We know this experience with the Ernie Ball Battle of the Bands and the UPROAR tour is only the beginning. We are on the cusp of something pretty special and we’re going to keep moving forward, onward and upward,” said Black.